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Professional Workshops

Accelerate your sports product career growth

The University of Oregon Sports Product Management Program offers 1 to 5 day professional development workshops spanning various topics in sports product management.  The workshops are the perfect deep dive into a topic area you’d like to learn more about.  Industry veterans lead a group of participants in a unique workshop experience that helps accelerate career growth.  No prior experience in the topic area is required to participate in a workshop.   Workshop space is limited and seats sell out quickly so reserve your place today.


“Not only have I learned a lot from this workshop, I was pleased to meet some of the industry professionals in the field to exchange best practices and good ideas throughout the session. It is only going to make our industry that much stronger as a whole.”

—Lindy Lee, Nike Footwear Product Development

Workshop Events

  • Apr 20 2017 to Apr 21 2017

    The Art of Sports Apparel Making

    This course provides participants with a greater understanding of the process by which sports apparel is designed, developed, tested, merchandised, and manufactured. Materials and processes used at each stage of the product process will be explored. Expect an interactive, hands-on experience with time spent learning theory and applying it by actually making apparel.

    Portland Register

“I absolutely will be coming back to Brooks with more knowledge of my colleagues’ jobs – more 'empathy of the process', which was a theme of the workshop that really clicked with me.”

—Mary Hable, Brooks Environmental Specialist

On-Site Workshops

Interested in having a Sports Product Management workshop run on-site by our industry experts at your company?  The following workshops can be delivered to you at your company location: 

  • Merchandising: The Art of Building and Selling Profitable Assortments
  • Creative Storytelling, Sports Product Marketing
  • Sustainability: Design through Manufacturing
  • Sustainable Supply Chain: From Design to Market

Contact us at uospm@uoregon.edu for more details on availability and pricing.  A minimum of 20 participants is required. 

Past Workshops

  • Oct 17 2016 to Oct 21 2016

    Craftsmanship: The Art of Footwear Making

  • May 19 2016

    Sports Product Industry HR Panel – Free

  • May 13 2016

    Sports Product Sustainability Panel – Free

  • Apr 28 2016 to Apr 29 2016

    The Art of Sports Apparel Making

  • Feb 18 2016 to Feb 19 2016

    Creative Storytelling

  • Oct 12 2015 to Oct 16 2015

    Craftsmanship: The Art of Footwear-Making

  • Sep 10 2015 to Sep 11 2015

    Brand and Business Innovation: How Big Ideas Make New Markets

  • Jun 18 2015 to Jun 19 2015

    Merchandising: The Art of Building and Selling Profitable Assortments

  • Apr 9 2015 to Apr 10 2015

    Sustainable Supply Chain: From Design to Market

  • Feb 27 2015 to Feb 28 2015

    Fibers and Textiles Innovation Forum

  • Feb 26 2015 to Feb 27 2015

    The Art of Sports Apparel Making

  • Dec 11 2014 to Dec 12 2014

    Insights: Discovering Leadership Effectiveness

  • Oct 23 2014 to Oct 24 2014

    Effective Presentations: The Art of Communicating the Brand

  • Sep 22 2014 to Sep 26 2014

    Craftsmanship and Footwear: The Art of Shoemaking

  • May 9 2014 to May 10 2014

    Creative Storytelling, Sports Product Marketing

  • Feb 21 2014 to Feb 22 2014

    Product Merchandising: From Concept to Consumer

  • Nov 1 2013 to Nov 2 2013

    Sustainability: Design through Manufacturing

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